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Sensing Value Pty Ltd was established in 2014 to provide business and governments with dynamic intelligence about how people (resident, worker, visitor, student) within a geographically-defined area move, use spaces, and engage in activities over time. This intelligence supports evidence-based decision making and design of operational solutions. Sensing Value has a unique toolkit that includes spatial analytics, data science, demography, economics, new technologies, market research, advanced modelling capabilities, and unique data assets.

Geodemography & Demographic Analytics

The characteristics of people living in our cities are changing rapidly. Increasingly diverse and dynamic populations are the result of higher migration rates, urban consolidation and gentrification, different patterns of working, and children who stay at home into their thirties and beyond. This demographic shift of where and how people live and work impacts the demand for goods, services and infrastructure. Planning to meet that social, commercial and community demand in an efficient and effective manner requires accurate forecasts detailing how demographic composition in small areas will change over time.

Spatial Analytics & 2D/3D City Modelling

Understanding how people connect and use spaces, and how patterns vary over time, can lead to better place making and an improved quality of life. A connection with place can inform and shape the identity of an individual.  Both the natural environment and built form of a place influence the connections that people make.  In today’s highly mobile world memories of the experiences in places form the foundations for communities, and provide anchors for reflecting on life experiences. Underpinning the creation of these meaningful measures is a knowledge architecture that uses advanced spatial analysis methods to build insights.

Intelligent Buildings

Increasing vacancy rates in the commercial real estate market and the changing needs of employers and employees are forcing vendors to go beyond leasing space and towards creation of offers crafted as workspace solutions. Individual buildings also play an important role in ensuring an inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable environment (UN General Assembly Sustainability Goal 4) and are leading to the development of intelligent buildings. Buildings, and the systems and processes that are found within them, increasingly leverage new technologies that, ultimately, must operate within a connected ecosystem. Adapting the workspace environment in response to tenant needs and preferences, current and predicted usage patterns, external factors, and specific events or situations requires interoperability and intelligence.

Retail Insights

Sensing Value helps shopping center owners, centre managers and retailers compete with the digital marketplace using sophisticated shopper archetypes and a comprehensive understanding of the addressable market.


Sensing Value is a GEOSCAPE ® value-added reseller. We incorporate GEOSCAPE data into a range of data products, analytical models and 2D/3D digital analysis tools. We build powerful 3D digital city models using GEOSCAPE data and population mobility data to provide governments and industry with unprecedented scenario modelling capabilities to better inform decision making across all aspects of metro, urban and environmental planning and management.

The Grid

The grid is a market-driven platform with the power to deliver knowledge in context - it organises the complex richness of life into a single, powerful architecture.
We don’t just say we collaborate to innovate, it’s inherent in our business model. Our engagement with leading academic and industry partners is the basis for continuous development of products and services that consider how people move, use spaces, and engage in activities over time. Add that to varied and extensive domain knowledge and you have a company that delivers dynamic intelligence and smart solutions. That defines Sensing Value.

Sensing Value Pty Limited
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