Intelligent buildings

Increasing vacancy rates in the commercial real estate market and the changing needs of employers and employees are forcing vendors to go beyond leasing space and towards creation of offers crafted as workspace solutions. Individual buildings also play an important role in ensuring an inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable environment (UN General Assembly Sustainability Goal 4) and are leading to the development of intelligent buildings. Buildings, and the systems and processes that are found within them, increasingly leverage new technologies that, ultimately, must operate within a connected ecosystem. Adapting the workspace environment in response to tenant needs and preferences, current and predicted usage patterns, external factors, and specific events or situations requires interoperability and intelligence.
Reframing the Tenant Experience
Design-led thinking results in the definition of workspace solutions that meet the needs, expectations, experiences and preferences of tenants (employers) and employees and, in doing so, creates value for all stakeholders. This ultimately increases yield for property managers and owners. Sensing Value has developed data models, analytic patterns, and modelling methodologies to support a design-led approach to workplace specification by providing insight into the utility and convenience drivers of different employee segments (for specific tenants). Sensing Value's offering features an intuitive user interface that allows clients to evaluate the trade-offs which are implicit in managing cost and feature selection as part of a pre-tenancy informed design process. The analysis is built using the data patterns that enable intelligent buildings to function in a way that ensures the design brief and users’ expectations are matched to experience.
Reduce Costs & Environmental Impact
Sensing Value has developed data models, analytic patterns and modelling methodologies that enable intelligent control and smart building management systems to measure, track and optimise energy and water usage, facilities operations, waste and recycling, transportation, and indoor environment quality. Buildings that operate as dynamic environments need not necessarily cost more or be provided at an increased environmental cost. Sensing Value’s multi-domain analytic approach to integrating preference and machine data in the modelling process means that owners and tenants can simultaneously optimise tenant experiences, building efficiency and event response.
Use of Artificial Intelligence
The rise in technology-equipped buildings, the Internet of Things, and an increasingly connected workforce demands integration, management and operationalisation of growing and complex data sets. To deliver on the promise of buildings as workspaces that adapt and respond to user needs, preferences and demand, as well as environmental and commercial constraints, a number of systems must be integrated. These include: automated physical and system access; hot desking and dynamic meeting room scheduling; wayfinding and predicted travel time; pattern recognition of physical occupancy;  and adaptive heating, cooling and lighting that is optimised for human performance. Sensing Value’s multi-domain analytic methodologies and data patterns recognise the complexity and interactions inherent in managing multiple constraints and adaptive control systems. Our approach leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to help optimise and deliver a resilient workspace.
We don’t just say we collaborate to innovate, it’s inherent in our business model. Our engagement with leading academic and industry partners is the basis for continuous development of products and services that consider how people move, use spaces, and engage in activities over time. Add that to varied and extensive domain knowledge and you have a company that delivers dynamic intelligence and smart solutions. That defines Sensing Value.

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