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Sensing Value is a strategic analytics firm that develops dynamic new knowledge on people, place and activity, providing insight across multiple industries and domains within the public and private sector.
Sensing Value has a unique toolkit that includes spatial analytics, data science, demography, forensics, economics, new technologies, market research, and advanced modelling capabilities. As a consultancy, Sensing Value offers extensive domain knowledge through an innovative collaborative approach involving leading academic and industry partners. Sensing Value provides dynamic intelligence to help clients accurately articulate a problem or understand a use case, design the knowledge architecture, craft bespoke solutions, and operationalise their knowledge within a value chain or roadmap.


Institute for Choice, University of South Australia
The Institute for Choice has developed and grown its reputation for leading research in choice theory and the measurement behaviours that relate to social, environmental, health and other issues relevant to society. Many companies use personas to map out their customers’ experiences and develop an understanding of customer needs; these form the basis of their business and marketing strategies. Sensing Value, in collaboration with the Institute for Choice, has developed better and more powerful tools that capture the complexity of human behaviour because, unlike a persona, they factor in the possibility that people’s views, beliefs and preferences can vary in different situations: a concept based on archetypes. Rather than describing customers in broad-brush pen portraits, the analytics drills down to identify individual customer goals and understand how the goals of a person at a specific time relate to their decision-making processes and choices. These rich ‘archetypal’ portraits lead to greater customer differentiation. Much of the original thinking behind these new insights into human decision-making has come from the academics working in this Institute.
Public Sector Mapping Authority
PSMA Australia Limited is owned by Australia’s federal, state and territory governments. PSMA was created to provide a single point of contact between government mapping agencies wishing to make their data available to the market and industry organisations seeking to use that data. PSMA Australia collates, standardises and enhances location data from each of the Australian state and territory governments to deliver national aggregate datasets. Their latest national satellite-derived dataset, GEOSCAPE, provides detailed information about buildings and their features, trees and land cover for every address in Australia.

Sensing Value is one of PSMA’s chosen partners and a value-added reseller. This allows Sensing Value to multiply the impact the data has on the broader economy through integration with our own products.
Sensing Value has chosen reVENU as its smart city and intelligent precinct partner because of the deep technical understanding of how to architect and implement building technology to enable ubiquitous connectivity. Smart building technology acts as ‘the nervous system’ that carries information from each of the individual building controls such as lifts, air-conditioning and security systems to a cloud environment where artificial intelligence (AI) can be deployed to optimise the building's performance. This improves the tenant experience, reduces costs of operation and improves resilience and performance in disaster events. Sensing Value is developing the AI ‘brain’ that will truly fulfil the promise of smart buildings and intelligent precincts.
The SAS Institute Inc. provides a suite of world-leading analytical software (SAS® software) with exceptional metadata management that enables data to be easily mined and transformed to reveal deep business insights. It also has a number of components that ensure the scenario modelling is relevant for complex real world situations. SAS is now becoming fully operational in the cloud and SAS users are able to mitigate the business risk that comes with development and maintenance of in-house analytics software. Sensing Value is part of the SAS Partner Program.
2nd Road
2nd Road’s founding director and CEO, Tony Golsby-Smith, built a business around helping corporates and government agencies use design thinking and strategic conversations to drive innovation.

Now part of Accenture Strategy, 2nd Road will continue to collaborate with Sensing Value on projects in market. Sensing Value combine their deep analytical skills with the strength of 2nd Road’s framework to identify white space of unmet consumer need where there is a strong commercial opportunity and to clarify opportunities for future value propositions.
The Australian Population Research Institute
Members of The Australian Population Research Institute include many of the leading academic demographers in Australia.  TAPRI is one of Sensing Value’s thought partners. Sensing Value’s David McCloskey has ongoing research collaborations with Dr Bob Birrell that relate to the Australian housing market, demography, and macroeconomic theory. Their latest co-authored papers can be found here.

We don’t just say we collaborate to innovate, it’s inherent in our business model. Our engagement with leading academic and industry partners is the basis for continuous development of products and services that consider how people move, use spaces, and engage in activities over time. Add that to varied and extensive domain knowledge and you have a company that delivers dynamic intelligence and smart solutions. That defines Sensing Value.

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