Sensing Value is a GEOSCAPE ® value-added reseller. We incorporate GEOSCAPE data into a range of data products, analytical models and 2D/3D digital analysis tools. We build powerful 3D digital city models using GEOSCAPE data and population mobility data to provide governments and industry with unprecedented scenario modelling capabilities to better inform decision making across all aspects of metro, urban and environmental planning and management.
Geoscape data
Geoscape provides a digital representation of each building, comprising a two-dimensional roof outline, and for urban areas, 3D attributes such as eave height and maximum roof height. Additional building features such as zoning, solar panels, adjacent swimming pools and roof materials, and linkages with address, cadastre and other geospatial foundations enable rich analytical insights. Geoscape contains a pixel representation of areas identified from source imagery as tree coverage, including a tree height value for each 2m x 2m cell. Building data also includes maximum height values for all trees that intersect with the building. Geoscape surface cover is classified into 11 different types, such as grass, trees, water, bare earth and road. This raster dataset contains two variations; one a high-resolution (2m) dataset representing surface cover within urban areas, the other a national 30m resolution dataset representing surface cover across all of Australia.

Geoscape data is available in raw form, enhanced form, modelled insights, or as part of a bespoke solution.

Watch this short video to learn more: This is GEOSCAPE
Geoscape powered Digital City Models
Sensing Value builds world-class 2D and 3D Digital City Models using ESRI City Engine powered with Geoscape data to provide a platform for urban and environmental analysis to support development planning, considering energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and environmental quality. Powerful scenario modelling capabilities are built into the digital city models, including for example, the ability to calculate the solar power generation potential of a city or region. This is possible as Geoscape gives accurate elevations, pitch, eave heights and building material, and enables an identification all pre-existing solar panels in the region.
We don’t just say we collaborate to innovate, it’s inherent in our business model. Our engagement with leading academic and industry partners is the basis for continuous development of products and services that consider how people move, use spaces, and engage in activities over time. Add that to varied and extensive domain knowledge and you have a company that delivers dynamic intelligence and smart solutions. That defines Sensing Value.

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